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Our highly experienced and knowledgeable professionals put us in a competitive advantage to provide the best-in-class tax compliance and advisory services to our clients. Our aim is to optimize the tax position of our clients using in depth knowledge of tax legislation and proper understanding of client’s operation and industry that will allow for tax savings and minimize risks.  We have experience in both local and large international corporations and we can service all range of clients through our international network of firms of IR Global that we are part of. We assist companies to find the right tax strategy to achieve their business goals while being in line with tax rules and regulation. We provide advice on how to structure your company’s structure in the most beneficial way in terms of tax and also any ad-hoc solutions on cross-border transactions to minimize tax risks while being in compliance with transfer pricing legislation.


We have successfully assisted numerous clients in tax dealings and save taxes in Cyprus. Furthermore, we provide tax planning to individuals such as executives, shareholders or even employees. Finally, we provide tax compliance services for both corporations and individuals ensuring that their tax affairs are in compliance with the legislation and submit relevant tax returns.


We offer the below services:


  • Corporate tax compliance
  • Personal tax compliance
  • Corporate tax advisory and planning
  • Personal tax advisory
  • Transfer Pricing advisory
  • Assistance in tax investigations
  • Indirect tax compliance